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At Yoga Nature we leave our competitive egos at the door. Yoga Nature provides a nourishing and nurturing environment in which you and your yoga practice will bloom. We learn to accept our unique bodies and work within our own abilities to achieve a thoughtful, respectful and understanding yoga practice. Through a joint understanding, trust and empathy you will find that our classes, workshops and yoga walks are enjoyable, revitalising and relaxing.

O U R  V A L U E S

Jo has been a student of yoga for over 20 years and teaching yoga for 10 years. She is highly trained having undertaken four year Dru teacher training. Jo teaches a mix of flowing Dru yoga with elements of Yin, Satyananda and Vinyasa yoga. Jo specialises in yoga for back care, yoga for kids and teens, prescriptive one to ones and small groups and yoga dance. You can read more about her experiences

and qualifications here:


A B O U T  T H E  T E A C H E R

Make yoga your nature...

Hello and a warm welcome to Yoga Nature. Yoga Nature is dedicated to providing a safe space for people to explore, in the spirit of non-violence, the art and science of various yoga practices. We are committed to offering yoga experiences of a very high quality, that are accessible to all body shapes, sizes, abilities, ages and that are reasonably priced. We teach a range of classes including adults and kids classes, classes in schools and workplaces and personalised one to ones.



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What's in a name: Why Yoga Nature?

Celebrating 10 years of sharing yoga

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Find out all about our next bhakti yoga party with live music, dancing and veg, vegan & raw food.

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Find out about our children's yoga book.

ourish and nurture

ccept and achieve

houghtful and trusting

nique and understanding

espect, revitalise and relax

mpathy and enjoyment

Yoga: The Sanskrit word yoga has the literal meaning of yoke. So, yoga is the yoking together of two opposites, body and mind, or individual and universal awareness.


Nature: The word nature is derived from the latin word natura or 'essential qualities, innate disposition' and in ancient times literally meant birth.


Yoga Nature: At Yoga Nature we unite opposing forces in the body and mind in order to realise our full potential. Truly 'making yoga our nature'.

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