Satsang means to come together in the company of the truth. It is a gathering of people who are interested in exploring their yoga practice on a deeper, spiritual level.

We currently hold Satsang at our house on a bi-monthly basis., where we discuss a topic of yoga history or philosophy. In addition, we share good hearty vegan food, cakes and tea. There is also usually some Kirtan or chanting, and often some poetry.

Satsang begins at 6pm and ends by 10pm. Satsangs are free. You are very welcome to come along, but please get in touch first as places are limited. If you wish you may bring an offering such as a vegan homemade cake (no shop bought processed food though) or a beautiful poem...

Our dates for 2018 follow, but please keep a lookout for any changes...


Saturday 27 January

Saturday 17 March

Saturday 26 May

Saturday 30 June

Saturday 6 October

Saturday 1 December