Mooladhara Apartments

6 Day Vegan Eco-Yoga Experience,
Athens, Greece

Sunday 22 to Friday 27 July 2018

Mooladhara Yoga Studio Apartments,
Ano Glyfada, Athens, Greece

Limited exclusively to 6 people. No previous experience of yoga necessary. Open to all levels of ability. All sessions will be conducted in English.

Come and join us for 6 days of yoga, sightseeing, sunbathing and yummy vegan food!

Ben and Jo of Yoga Nature have 40 years of yoga experience between them. They have both studied in great depth the science, history and philosophies of yoga. Jo is also a native of Athens and has travelled around most of it on public transport or by foot, so you will have your own tour guide to show you how to get around this cosmopolitan city. 

On this urban eco-yoga retreat we will explore the ancient civilization of Greece by going to a couple of sites in and around Athens, we will swim in the Aegean sea and bask in the sunshine, we will enjoy gorgeous vegan food and learn how to cook a couple of vegan Greek dishes, and obviously we will also practice yoga! The yoga we will explore will be a beautiful balance and blend of asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation, yoga nidra and chanting. There will be sprinklings of yoga philosophy and Greek mythological storytelling. The styles of yoga that will be explored will be predominantly Hatha based, including Dru and Satyananda yoga. We will also explore elements of Yin and other styles we have encountered on our yoga journeys.

Through this retreat we will learn that yoga is not just what we do on the mat. Yes, there will be practice on the mat but we are really keen for everyone to cultivate an awareness that yoga is also traveling on public transport, going to the market, setting the table, washing the dishes, swimming in the sea, delighting our taste buds on tasty juices, smoothies and vegan treats, watching a breathtaking sunset, sharing with people, honouring our planet and so forth.   

The Location

View from the apartments towards Mount Hymettus

You will be staying in Ano Glyfada which is probably one of the perfect places to stay in when visiting Athens, Greece. Why? Because you are not in the heart of Athens which trust us is packed during the summer months and can be quite intense and noisy. Other advantages include…

  • From the international airport Eleftherios Venizelos you are 40 minutes away from Glyfada. Jump on a bus from outside the airport, get off at Glyfada and you are a 10 minute taxi ride away from Ano Glyfada;
  • The great Mount Hymettus is 5 minutes behind our apartments, so if you fancy a little hike we can show you how to hike up to the small church called Profitis Hlias (but not in the middle of the day as it will be too hot!);
  • You are a 40 minute walk or a 20 minute bus ride from Glyfada beach (see the photo at the top of this page) ;
  • You are a 5 minute walk from public buses that will take you to Glyfada or to the metro to get into the heart of Athens;
  • The heart of Athens is just 40 minutes away on public transport;
  • You are 11 minutes’ walk  away from a fantastic organic supermarket;
  • You are 15 minutes’ walk away from an outstanding vegan/raw restaurant called Yi;
  • On your doorstep you have a great variety of bakeries, cafes, supermarkets and also one of the best tavernas, Faros, to explore;

Living room area & yoga space in the apartments

The Accommodation

The Mooladhara apartments have a great big empty living/dining room area and this is where we will do our practice. All yoga equipment will be provided. The apartments have two kitchens and two bathrooms one on each floor. The living area is on the top floor. There are three bedrooms. Two of the bedrooms have twin beds in them and one has a queen size bed in it. Rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

The apartments also have quite a few balconies and the top floor apartment has an amazing terrace where you can catch glimpses of the sea. There are no TVs or radios so it is a great time to take advantage of getting away from all the media dross! The apartments are surrounded by beautiful and well maintained gardens and are fully air conditioned. More photos of the apartments below.

Why is it Eco?

The apartments that you will be staying in are simple, immaculately clean, very comfortable and have been furnished predominantly from second-hand furniture. Like all accommodation in Greece the apartments have solar panels. The products used to clean the apartments are all eco and animal friendly.

Juice bar at the local organic supermarket, Just 11 minutes away!

We will be exploring the ancient culture of Athens by using public transport and our feet. It may take us a little longer to get to places but this will be part of our yoga practice to be in the moment and fully enjoy taking our time and letting go of the culture of instant gratification and rushing from one place to other without noticing our surroundings.

After being veggies for many years we recently made the transition to being vegan, for a great variety of reasons and two of the main reasons are: (i) we believe animals are conscious beings and (ii) the meat and dairy industries contribute massively to global warming, even more than taking a flight! Even if you are not a vegan we invite you to try exploring a vegan diet for the 6 days.

Retreat Schedule

The official programme begins on Sunday 22 July at 5:30pm (Greek time) with a beautiful Yoga Nidra and will end on Friday 27 July with a final vegan breakfast at 9:15am. If you want to arrive earlier than the Sunday or stay an extra few days at the end you are very welcome to stay with us at £15 without breakfast or £20 with a continental breakfast per night.

You can download the full schedule here.

Shopping at the local market


Cost £500, a non-refundable deposit of £100 secures your place.

What's included in the price?

  • All yoga sessions;
  • 5 vegan breakfasts;
  • 2 vegan lunches;
  • 4 vegan dinners;
  • All snacks and beverages within the Mooladhara apartments;
  • All bedding and towels will be provided (we will do our best to provide a beach towel too);
  • All yoga equipment will be provided.

What's not included in the price?

  • Flights;
  • Transfers;
  • Travel and Health Insurance;
  • Public transport to and from the airport and to get us around the city; from the airport you are looking at paying 6 Euro for a ticket. To travel around Athens it is 1 Euro and 40 cents per trip. A taxi from the airport is 30-40 Euros. Taxis to and from Mooladhara apartments to Glyfada around 5 Euros;
  • Any meals outside of the apartment. For example on day trips you will be responsible for purchasing your own food, snacks and drinks;
  • For walks to and from Glyfada, to and from the markets you will be responsible for purchasing your own food, snacks and drinks;
  • Entry into the archaeological sites, galleries, museums etc. You are looking at about £10 to £20 per site;

Tempted? Want more information? Want to reserve your space right away?

Lovely, then Contact Us 😍

With Metta (Loving Kindness)
Jo and Ben, Yoga Nature Sheffield

Photos of the Apartments and Surroundings