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Tarka: Tantrik Study & Meditation Group

In these monthly 3-hour meetups the plan is that we will explore together texts from the Tantrik tradition, think of it as a reading group for yogis! Along the way you may learn some Sanskrit, deepen your understanding of yoga and tantra philosophy, and explore core Tantrik practices such as ucchāra, deha-śuddhi & ajapa-japa.

Texts we will study include: Tantrasāra (Essence of Tantra), Pratyabhijñā-Hṛdaya (Heart of Recognition) and the Vijñāna-Bhairava-Tantra (The Scripture of the Bhairava who is Consciousness) and more.

It will be £10 per session, which will include a bowl of soup, as much tea as you can drink, and handouts at every session.

Location: Our House, 38 Machon Bank Road, Nether Edge, S7 1PG

The dates for 2019 are as follows: Saturdays 21 September, 19 October and 16 November, breaking for December and then continuing in Jan 2020. Time is 6pm to 9pm. Though you don't have to make every one, a regular commitment is certainly preferable and advisable.

Get in touch with Ben at or on 07795 033 872 if you would like to join.

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Tarka: Tantrik Study & Meditation Group
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