Terms and Conditions

General Points

Due to the classes being very popular it is very important that you contact Jo or Ben to see whether or not there is space available for you in the classes. All classes, modules and workshops must be paid for in advance unless otherwise agreed with Jo or Ben.

Payment Methods

The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer or standing order but you can also pay either by cheque or cash. Please contact Jo for banking details or to find out where to post a cheque.

For Adult Classes

  • Agreement 1 can only be terminated after a year has lapsed from when the agreement was made.
  • In exceptional circumstances, for example if you become pregnant, have a serious illness, need to care for someone who has a serious illness, are moving cities or having work challenges, please discuss with Jo to see what options are available to you about leaving agreement 1 early or switching agreements.
  • If you wish to terminate Agreement 1 once the year has lapsed please talk to Jo a month before the agreement ends so she can make the necessary arrangements.
  • In the event a class is cancelled Jo will send you an email to ask you to adjust your standing order for the following month accordingly.
  • If you miss a class that you have paid for you can make it up in one of the other classes if space is available.
  • No extra free classes can be requested, no refunds for missed classes and no carry overs.
  • Late payment will incur a penalty of £10.

Drop-in Policy

We do not offer many drop-in places as we have found that students cannot build up a regular practice or reap the benefits of yoga when they attend on a drop-in basis, because they do not attend classes frequently enough. However, having said that, we do like to be able to support people in their yoga practice, particularly if they have an unusual life style, and if that means drop-in is the only way they can come. So in each class we have about two or three drop-in places.

For Workshops and Retreats

All workshops and retreats must be paid for in advance. If you have paid for the workshop or retreat and cannot make it you cannot get a refund.