One To Ones

Our one to one and small group classes are held in The Aum Room. Located right in the heart of Nether Edge, The Aum Room is a fully equipped studio for all your personalised yoga needs.

One to ones or small group yoga classes are a great way to build your confidence and knowledge of yoga before joining a regular class, to develop your current yoga practice, work on a specific health challenge, explore a specific aspect of yoga further, or just simply treat yourself or a friend.

Over the years Jo has shared yoga on a one to one / small group basis in all of the areas described above. Some specific examples follow...

One to one / small group yoga to gain confidence before joining a specific class

Quite a few people start their yoga journey this way and I would highly recommend that you start yours this way. It is a great way for us both to get to know each other but more importantly for you to get to know your body, what kind of yoga suits your body and how to modify it. It helps you to build confidence in your practice and reassures you that you are doing things right.

One to one / small group yoga to deepen your practice

I have quite a few clients who come to deepen their yoga practice. We focus on specific sequences, postures, breathing and meditation techniques and explore them further.

One to one / small group yoga as a therapy

I have explored yoga with people recovering from cancer, ME, MS, ankylosing spondylitis, other inflammatory diseases, arthritis, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and people with back issues (see below for more info on yoga therapy for a healthy back).

One to one / small group yoga to explore a specific theme or yoga topic

This is also covered in the workshop section but sometimes people cannot attend the workshops or perhaps they are eager to explore a specific theme or topic that is not been covered in a workshop or class. Some examples include learning about Ayurveda and how to use it in your practice, specific breathing or meditation techniques, the history of yoga and the eight fold path, yoga for weight loss, or mantra and the chakras.

One to one / small group yoga to just simply treat yourself or a friend

It is so important to give yourself time and space to simply be, to take time to quieten the mind and body so that the body can deeply heal. Yoga is a wonderful way of doing this.

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One to ones usually last for an hour and 15 minutes and will cost anywhere between £25 to £45:

£25-£30 Unwaged or on a very low income;

£30-£35 On the lower end of the pay scale;

£35-£40 In the middle of the pay scale;

£40-£45 For people who are high earners.

We trust your integrity when it comes to payment.

Yoga as a Therapy for Back Pain

I have been helping people with various back issues on a one to one basis and through specific workshops on the topic since 2009. In 2011 I undertook an 18 month yoga therapy course with the Dru Yoga School which specialised in yoga for back care.

In these one to ones we will explore how yoga therapy can help you maintain a healthy back or help you to alleviate any discomfort you may have due to a back issue . These sessions are suitable for everyone from people recovering from back operations, unspecific back discomfort, osteoporosis, sciatica or other issues to people who have no back issues but are just curious to find out how yoga can help keep their back stay healthy. In the one to ones we will examine the structure of the spine, how it moves and the muscles that support the entire back.

You will learn:

  • Easy anatomy and physiology of the back;

  • How to align yourself and use your core stability muscles;

  • An explanation of why yoga is good for maintaining a healthy back.

  • Specific yoga postures & sequences to stretch and strengthen the back & core stability muscles;

To help with your home practice you will be given a recording of the sessions. The sessions usually run for 12 weeks give or take a week depending on what we are working on. The first session is mainly fact finding and you do not get a recording of it. The sessions last for approximately 75 minutes. Following the 12 weeks you can still continue to see me or you can join one of my regular yoga classes or you can do a combination of both. See above for one to one pricing.

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Some Photos of the Aum Room