We are overjoyed to have been sharing yoga with the Sheffield community since 2004!


Jo and Ben warmly welcome you to Yoga Nature. Jo taught her first class in October 2004, though the business was then known as Soul Shine Yoga. A few years later we became Yoga Nature, and you can scroll down for an explanation of why we chose that name. Since then we have continued to grow and now deliver numerous classes for adults and kids each week, plus many one to ones, satsangs and workshops. We are also proud to have created Sheffield's first and only Bhakti yoga festival called Ganapati Groove. It's been a wonderful journey and we thank you all for your continued support!

Our Philosophy

At Yoga Nature Sheffield we aim to show people that yoga is not just about exercise with the word ‘yoga’ attached to it. We offer classes, workshops and events which explore a wide variety of authentic yoga practises which guide us to the depths of our being where we begin to realise our ‘true nature’ which is also in harmony with ‘nature’ - Mother Earth or Gaia - herself. We are not separate anymore, we become whole, expanded and integrated, we are yoga. Through this integration or expanded awareness we begin to realise and become sensitive that when we harm Gaia we are harming ourselves and we may find ourselves quite naturally beginning to change our lifestyles. This is why our guiding principle at Yoga Nature is based on ahimsa or non-harming or, even better, creating harmony

Our Values

Our guiding value is Ahimsa or creating harmony. This means creating harmony by ensuring that our thoughts, words and actions are acts of kindness and compassion to both ourselves and other beings. We often focus on this quality in Yoga Nature classes.

What's In a Name: Why Yoga Nature?

Yoga: One meaning of yoga is 'union', and this describes that state in which one merges individual awareness with universal awareness and fully realises the unity of all reality.

Nature: The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura or 'essential qualities, innate disposition' and in ancient times literally meant birth.

At Yoga Nature we slowly begin to become aware that our innate disposition is one of connection and unity, within oursevles, with our community, and with the wider world. Realising that yoga is our nature.

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