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Tots, Kids & Teens Yoga Classes for Sheffield Schools! Yoga Beings, developed in 2006, has been shared throughout Sheffield schools since its conception and has been used in breakfast, lunch and afterschool clubs and throughout the curriculum. Jo, the Founder of Yoga Beings, has an excellent reputation in schools and is highly experienced and educated in teaching yoga in a school setting. In fact, Jo has been going into the same schools since she started teaching kids in 2006! Jo has shared yoga with children from a variety of backgrounds including children with SEN, suffering from stress, anxiety and depression and children who have English as a Second Language.

Yoga Beings has been sensitively designed to engage children and young people and enable them to explore a great variety of yoga practices without them even knowing it. Yoga Beings helps children and young people to become more aware of what they are feeling and enables them to express those emotions in a safe environment by using yoga as the medium. Yoga Beings uses a variety of techniques to facilitate this such as storytelling, songs, music, play, games, experiments, toys, group and partner activities. There is absolutely no competition and children and young people are encouraged to go at their own pace and do what they feel comfortable to do.

Watch the clip below to see what children, the Deputy Head of Sharrow School and the Director of Children’s House Montessori have to say about Yoga Beings:


For more videos and photos please scroll down. Jo is also the author of the children’s yoga book ‘A Caterpillar Singing Loudly’, you can also find more information about this below.

To Parents and Schools

If you would like to see yoga in your school please Contact Jo to discuss options.

Benefits of Yoga for Children and for Schools

There has been a lot of press and a great deal of research into the benefits of yoga for children. It has been shown to have the following benefits: 

  • Improves emotional and social skills;

  • Increases ability to identify and locate body parts;

  • Improves co-ordination and balance;

  • Improves concentration and calmness;

  • Improves academic performance;

  • Improves child’s development, health and wellbeing;

  • Reduces stress and improves self-esteem;

  • Helps with classroom behaviour;

  • Helps with ADHD and mentally challenged children;

  • Increases flexibility and improves strength;

  • Helps manage various illnesses.

For more details of the research and clinical trials undertaken please click here and go to section 15.

Jo's Experience and Qualifications

  • I have a YogiYou certificate to teach yoga to kids & teens;

  • I have been teaching yoga to children since 2006;

  • I have an up to date enhanced DBS check;

  • I have an up to date First Aid certificate;

  • I have an up to date Children’s Protection Policy;

  • I have a certificate in Child Protection Awareness training.

If you would like to view copies of any of the above please do not hesitate to ask.

View and Download a full list of experience and qualifications.


The Yoga Show Pilot: Friendly Wishes

The Yoga Show Ep 2: The Friendship Tree

Sheffield Schools Yoga Montage

The Yoga Show Ep 1: The Monkey Mind

The Yoga Show Ep 3: A Caterpillar Singing Loudly

A Caterpillar Singing Loudly Montage

A Caterpillar Singing Loudly

A Caterpillar Singing Loudly is a children's yoga book written by Yoga Nature's own Joanna Bertzeletos.  It is a yoga book inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas but which can be used all year round. Anyone can use this book from as young as three years of age right up to adulthood. You can use this book on your own, with your family, or in your school. If you are a teacher in a school you can use this book as part of PE, Citizenship, play, creative writing, literacy or other areas of the curriculum. If you are a yoga teacher you can use this book in your classes. In the book you will go on a yogic adventure, become a Grand Master Yogini or Yogi, learn a new language and new words. You will also find projects to do and tips on how to self-empower yourself. The book is fun, interactive and filled with wonderful yoga wisdom. It also includes a poster to help you with your practice. Jammed full with over 200 photographs and over 50 illustrations.

The book costs £13.99, please get in touch if you would like to order a copy.

Some Photos of Yoga Beings