The Sounds of Sanskrit: The Language of Yoga 2 Day Workshop

Saturday 23 February 2019, 10am to 4pm
Sunday 24 February 2019, 9am to 1:30pm

Location: MUDRA, Sellers Wheel, 151 Arundel Street, S1 2NU

Lucy Crisfield, speaking at the 2018 World Yoga Festival, and plenary speaker at the British Wheel of Yoga London festival, will be bringing the power of the Sanskrit language to Sheffield in this 2 day workshop.

To be covered in the workshop:

- Experience the meditative quality of the 16 vowel sounds, known as the ‘divine mothers’;
- Learn how to sound the bīja mantraḥ and experience their transformative power;
- Chant sections of the Yoga Sūtras, the major philosophical text of yoga;
- Learn how mantraḥ works, the theory of the four pada;
- Discover the four stages of speech and the significance of the gross, subtle & causal in Sanskrit;
- Learn to pronouce the Sanskrit alphabet, āsana names, and Gods and Goddesses;
- The origins of the Sanskrit language: the Śiva Sūtras;
- Learn to pronouce the Sanskrit alphabet and how to read the English transliteration;
- Learn about the significance of the Vedas for deepening our knowledge of yoga.

About the Sanskrit language

Sanskrit is the language of ancient India, the mother of English, and the langauge in which all the yogic texts were composed. Fabled for its mystical power, each letter holds a unique resonance. Feel this resonance for yourself by learning how to correctly pronouce these letters. The study of the Sanskrit language is in itself a spiritual discipline. Our mind tends to be only as free as the language in which it is has been moulded by. Engaging with the Sanskrit language has the capacity to allow a wisdom and a knowing outside of our normal thinking processes to arise within us.

About Lucy

Lucy teaches yoga philosophy, chanting and the Sanskrit language. She gives talks and workshops throughout the UK, works with students one-to-one and teaches the philosophy element on yoga teacher trainings. She brings the teachings of sound meditation and yoga alive in a practical, focused and joyful manner, creating space for people to connect to their own wisdom. Lucy is speaking at the World Yoga Festival in 2018 and is currently writing a book, Sanskrit for yoga students, which is being funded by the Dorbrecht grant.

Cost: £100

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