We are overjoyed to have been sharing yoga with the Sheffield community since 2004!


Jo and Ben warmly welcome you to Yoga Nature. Jo taught her first class in October 2004, though the business was then known as Soul Shine Yoga. A few years later we became Yoga Nature, and you can scroll down for an explanation of why we chose that name. Since then we have continued to grow and now deliver six regular adult classes and four to six kids classes per week, plus many one to ones and workshops. We are also proud to have created Sheffield's first and only Bhakti yoga festival called Ganapati Groove. It's been a wonderful journey and we thank you all for your continued support!

Our Mission

To empower every individual to discover their true “nature” and realise their full potential through the exploration of a wide variety of yoga practices.

Our Values

At Yoga Nature Sheffield we leave our competitive egos at the door. We aim to provide a nourishing and nurturing environment in which you and your yoga practice will bloom. Through practice we learn to accept our unique bodies and work within our own abilities and aim to cultivate a thoughtful, respectful and understanding yoga practice. Through a joint understanding, trust and empathy you will find that our classes, workshops and yoga walks are enjoyable, revitalising and relaxing.

What We Teach

In classes, we teach a mix of flowing Dru Yoga, Satyananda Yoga, Mandala Yoga, along with occasional elements of Vinyasa, Yin and other styles we have discovered on our yoga journeys. We also teach Meditation and Yoga Nidra. At Yoga Nature we also know that yoga goes far beyond what we practice on the mat. We also aim to cultivate the paths of Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion), Karma yoga (the yoga of selfless action) and Jnana yoga (the yoga of wisdom) through our Kirtans, Mantra Groove workshops and Satsangs. We look forward to guiding you on your yoga journey, wherever it may take you!

What's In a Name: Why Yoga Nature?

Yoga: The Sanskrit word yoga has the literal meaning of yoke. So, yoga is the yoking together of two opposites, body and mind, or individual and universal awareness.

Nature: The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura or 'essential qualities, innate disposition' and in ancient times literally meant birth.

Yoga Nature: At Yoga Nature we unite opposing forces in the body and mind in order to realise our full potential. Truly 'making yoga our nature'.

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